Building & Housing Appeals Board

Board of Appeals – 3 yr. Term (as needed) 

(C.O. 1460.01.  Building and Housing Appeals Board consists of 5 members.  The Board of Appeals consists of five members who shall be appointed by Council. One of the members shall be appointed for an original term of one year; two members for original terms of two years; and two members for original terms of three years. Thereafter all appointments shall be for terms of three years. 

Last Name      First Name     Address                            City       Term Expires Title                  Phone      

  Horn                  Paul          2903 Central Avenue      Middletown      2023         Electrician          (513) 716-4855                       Martin                Greg         1501 South University Blvd.  Middletown  2023***                               (513) 465-4752

  Puckett               Kevin        2033 Fernwood Street           Middletown   2022      Plumber               (513) 464-1520

  Taylor                  Mike          4610 Stratford Drive             Middletown     2022*    Architect              (513) 423-2534

  Ratliff                  Rita            4911 Roosevelt Avenue        Middletown    2021      Resident               (513) 422-2109 

  Tuttle                   Larry           One Donham Plaza             Middletown                   Staff Liaison         (513) 425-7972

  Beatty                  Dennis        4623 Sandra Lee Lane        Middletown       2021     Alternate