Building & Housing Appeals Board

Board of Appeals – 3 yr. Term (as needed) 

(C.O. 1460.01.  Building and Housing Appeals Board consists of 5 members.  The Board of Appeals consists of five members who shall be appointed by Council. One of the members shall be appointed for an original term of one year; two members for original terms of two years; and two members for original terms of three years. Thereafter all appointments shall be for terms of three years. 

Last NameFirst NameTerm ExpiresTitlePhone
HornPaul2023Electrician(513) 716-4855
MartinGreg2023***Electrician(513) 465-4752
PuckettKevin2022Plumber(513) 464-1520
TaylorMike2022Architect(513) 423-2534
RatliffRita2021Resident(513) 422-2109
Staff Liaison(513) 425-7972