Citizen Advisory Board

About the Board 

Advisory Board to the Middletown Division of Police. Composed of no more twenty electors appointed by Council. The Chief of Police serves as an ex-officio non-voting member. City Council appoints one of its members as a liaison and voting ex-officio member. The FOP Lodge No. 36 may appoint a voting ex-officio member and the City Manager shall appoint a designee to serve as a voting ex-officio member of the Board. These four ex-officio members shall be included in the maximum of twenty members. 


The mission of the Middletown Division of Police Citizen Advisory Board is to foster open communication and cooperation among the citizens of the Middletown community and the Division of Police. Our goal is to be proactive in addressing issues and concerns citizens may have with the Division of Police. We will work to develop honest and open dialogue between the community and the Chief of Police so that both the citizens and the police may better understand each others role in making the Middletown community a better place for all. Send an email to the Citizen Advisory Board.


Name Address Zip Code Term Expires
01 Bohannon, Steve One Donham Plaza 45042 Votes
02 Allnut, Dan 614 E. Second Street 45005 2019
03 Bronston, Dora One Donham Plaza 45042 2017
04 Caldwell, Patty 6010 Valley View Drive 45044 2018
05 Carter, Ron 1807 Limerick Lane 45042 2018
06 Glover, Wanda   45044 2017
07 Gomia, Paul 4801 Wicklow Drive 45042 2019
08 Keith, Bill 222 Franklin Street 45042 2017
09 Kelly, Cris One Donham Plaza 45042  
10 Long, George One Donham Plaza 45042  
11 Martin, Jerry Levy Hall 202 45042 2018
12 Birk, David      
13 Phillips, Angela     2018
14 Shores, Deanna 1131 Central Avenue 45044 2018
15 Stabler, Jim 227 Yankee Road 45044  
16 Thomas, Ennoris 2511 Wildwood Road 45042 2018
17 Wannemacher, Stefan 205 S. Highview Road 45044 2018
18 Wilson, Katrina 28 S. Clinton Street 45044 2017