Historic Commission


5:30 p.m. 
Third Thursday of each month, Special hearings as needed
Council Chambers

About the Commission

Reviews all applications for certificates of appropriateness; reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposals for designation of historic districts, proposes amendments to boundaries of existing historic districts; cooperates with property owners and City agencies and departments to develop preservation solutions and plans; makes recommendations for the listing of a historical district or site to the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Commission meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. 

Historic Preservation Administrator

The Historic Preservation Administrator, appointed by the City Manager from the Department of Planning, in addition to other duties, shall serve as Secretary to the Council. Additional Qualifications. All members shall have, to the greatest extent practical, interest and proficiency in historic preservation and restoration.

Historical Districts

With this particular composition of members, the historic commission is uniquely qualified to help maintain the rich history of the City of Middletown and help the City usher in a new era of development without losing the charm that the city has cultivated throughout time. Meetings of the historic commission consist of approving and advising developers on plans for structure, signage, and all exterior modifications for buildings within the city’s historic districts. The City maintains two historical districts:
  • The South Main Street District
  • The Highlands Historic District

Development & Construction

In order to advise on the development and construction of the historical zones, the Commission works closely with developers, and city employees to read and interpret the standards for construction that have been set out via ordinance. The ability to work with the ordinances and maintain the structural integrity of the historical districts helps the City develop into the future while maintaining treasured charm.
Name Address Zip Code Term Expires
01 Daniel, Glen "Roger" 301 S. Main Street 45044 2024*
02 Dixon, Matthew 520 S. Main Street 45044 2024*
03 Loukinas, Jeremy 214 S. Main Street 45042 2024*
04 Mejias, Joanne 409 Regent Drive 45044 2021*
05 Romero, Nancy 121 S. Main Street 45042 2021***
06 Brickler, Andy 301 The Alameda 45044 2024*
07 Stabler, James 4805 Talton Drive 45042 2022**
08 VACANT      
09 VACANT      
10 VACANT      
Accurso, Annette 1 Donham Plaza 45042 Historic Property Specialist