Tax Incentive Review Council

About the Council

The Tax Incentive Review Council shall be comprised of seven members, at least four of whom shall be residents of the City, as follows: City Manager or his designee, a member of City Council who shall be chosen by the Mayor, the County Auditor or designee, the Finance Director or designee, a Board of Education member, and two members of the general public appointed by the City Manager with concurrence of City Council.

This council meets annually. 


Name Address Zip Code Term Expires
01 Bellamy, Jana 150 E. 6th Street 45005  
02 Bertram, Randy One Donham Plaza 45042  
03 Brickey, Tom 539 Cedarwood Court 45042  
04 Burton, Jacob One Donham Plaza 45042  
05 Carter, Ron 1807 Limerick Lane 45042  
06 Joyce-Smith, Julie 130 High Street, 4th Floor 45011  
09 Nolan, Matt 406 Justice Drive 45036  
10 Pokora, Ed 3603 Hamilton Middletown Road 45011  
11 Royer, Karen 3525 North St. Rt. 48 45036  
12 Sotzing, Eric 700 Holbrook Avenue 45036  
Condrey, Nicole One Donham Plaza 45042 Council Liaison
Eisenbraun, Matt One Donham Plaza 45042 City Liaison