Architectural Review Board

About the Board

A. The Middletown Architectural Review Board is hereby established by City Council.
B. The Middletown Architectural Review Board may be hereafter referred to as the “Architectural Review Board” or the “ARB.”

A. The ARB shall be comprised of three members that shall include one member of City Council and two members of Planning Commission. The members shall be selected by their respective board.
B. Each member shall serve four-year terms or until the expiration of their term on their respective board. Terms shall be staggered so as one member is up for appointment each year. The terms of existing members shall continue until expiration.
C. Each member shall name one alternate, from the same body as that from which the member was appointed, who shall attend meetings of the ARB and vote in their absence.
D. A vacancy occurring during the term of any member of the ARB shall be filled by appointment of a new board member from the respective boards and shall be for the unexpired term in a manner authorized for the original appointment.

Roles and Powers of the ARB
The ARB shall have the following roles and powers to:
A. Review and make decisions on the architectural and landscaping standards that apply to developments in cases where the Development Code Administrator determines that the plans and elevations do not meet the standards of Section 1210.03.
B. Perform any other duties related to the administration and enforcement of this code as authorized by the charter and this code. 

Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations
The ARB shall, by a majority vote of its entire membership, adopt bylaws, rules, or regulations for the governance of ARB activities provided they are consistent with the charter and with any other ordinances of the City.

A. The ARB shall hold such meetings as it may require for conducting its business.
B. The Development Code Administrator or staff appointee shall serve as secretary of the ARB.
C. The ARB shall elect a Chairperson from among the members of the ARB at the Board’s first meeting of the year. If the Chairperson is absent, a member of the ARB may make a motion to appoint an acting Chairperson for that meeting.
D. All meetings shall be open to the public, except as exempted by law.

Quorums and Decisions
A. Any combination of two or more regular or alternate members of the ARB shall constitute a quorum.
B. The ARB shall act when at least two voting members concur.
C. The ARB may be required to make an annual report and such other reports as may be requested by City Council.

Meetings for the Architecture Review Board are scheduled as needed. 

Members of boards and commissions are listed on individual pages. Asterisks (*) next to their term expiration date signifies the number of terms they have served on that board or commission.

Name Address Zip Code Term Expires  
01 Loukinas, Jeremy 214 South Main Street 45044 Planning Commission Representative  
02 Daniel, Roger 301 South Main St  45044 Planning Commission Representative  
03 Nenni, Monica One Donham Plaza 45042 City Council Representative  
James Metz, City Planner One Donham Plaza 45042 Staff Liaison  
Cornwall, Sam 2700 Central Avenue 45044 Planning Commission Alternate  
Muterspaw, Rodney One Donham Plaza 45042 City Council Alternate