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Middletown Community Survey 

Oakland Residential Historic District Nomination:  Oakland Neighborhood Historic District message 
New Policy on Fireworks in the City of Middletown

Paving Levy Project Updates 
Click on the link above to see the latest updates on the Paving Project throughout the City. Pardon our progress! 

Central Avenue Reconstruction Project
Pardon Our Progress as we improve Central Avenue in the central business district in downtown Middletown. There maybe times that streets are closed and parking is in different locations. Stay up-to-date on the progress through the website and receive email updates every two weeks on the progress and changes as they develop. If you'd like to receive bi-weekly updates, scroll down to the bottom of the Middletown Progress website and add your email to the box below where it says, "Sign up to receive our updates". 

City of Middletown Health Department Information
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Water Assistance Available for Warren County Residents
If you are a Warren County resident and you are facing a disconnect with your water and/or wastewater, service has been shut-off, or new service is being established. We may be able to assist with a one-time payment. This program runs until September 30, 2022. If you are at or below the 175% federal poverty level. Please contact Warren County Community Services, Inc. at 513-970-6737 or to schedule an appointment.

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Fire Stations
Paving Levy Information