Parks Master Plan Process

The process followed in the Master Plan will be summarized in Chapter 1 and Appendix A for the plan. The page, however, includes additional documentation of meetings and studies during the planning process. Below are descriptions of each component of the Master Plan process leading up to the development of the plan, along with links to meeting minutes, summary reports and studies.

V3's successful, time-tested approach to master planning will include the following phases:  

Awareness, Exploration, and Vision

During Awareness the team will get familiar with the people and place, better understanding the mission and aspirations of the key stakeholders. The through a deepened understanding of community assets and a thoughtful civic engagement process to articulate and guide the community’s aspirations, our team will weave together the corridors and pockets of opportunity into a vision for Middletown’s future.

During Exploration our team will use the foundations established during the Awareness Phase to test a spectrum of conceptual master plan alternatives and their associated physical and programmatic components.

The final phase in our process is the Vision Phase. This is when the best ideas rise to the top and we begin to weave them together into a single cohesive plan. This is done in two steps – a preliminary master plan and a final master plan.

The preliminary master plan is the first glimpse at how all of the best ideas might work together. This is when seek we final stakeholder input and guidance from the community, and ask important questions such as: have we captured the community’s vision for the park and recreation facilities? Are things working together well? Does the master plan embody the expectations related to the unique resource Middletown provides?

Based upon this feedback, we then will finalize the plan, provide key recommendations, generate a master plan level cost estimate and operational plan, work to develop a prioritized and phased implementation strategy, and identify potential partnerships and funding strategies.

Middletown Parks Master Plan Presentation_Process