Parks Master Plan

Vision for the Parks Future 

Over the last few years, the City of Middletown has been hard at work planning for its future and looking specifically at strategic downtown development, housing, and transportation. Now it is time to create a master plan for the City of Middletown Parks which will coordinate with those efforts and identify critical synergies that can be incorporated for maximum benefit. An up-to-date Parks and Recreation Master Plan will map Middletown's course for developing the recreational benefits residents and businesses want.

Parks Master Plan Process

We are excited to look at additional opportunities our team has already recognized from our initial review of community resources. Our preliminary review suggests Middletown is offering a significant number of active recreational assets per capita on far fewer acres of land than its regional and national peer communities. Through a collaborative planning process which includes Awareness, Exploration, and Vision phases we are confident that the final product will inspire the City and key partners to guide future implementation, resulting in a park system that serves as an important asset for the Middletown community and incentivizes economic development.

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What's Currently Happening!! 

Our Second Public Survey is now closed. 

Please stay tuned for a summary of the results and thank you everyone for your participation in the survey!

 We had 300 responses from park visitors! A summary of the results will soon follow, but if you missed the public presentation you can check it out here! Thank you everyone for your participation in the survey!

This feedback, in addition to other stakeholder input and conclusions from a rigorous information gathering and analysis exercise will help inform the last phase of the project. 

Thank you for your continued interest, feedback and support on this exciting project for Middletown! 

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