Emergency Medical Services

Units Equipment

The Middletown Division of Fire strives to provide the highest quality EMS service available. All members are cross-trained Fire Fighter/EMTs with over 84% certified as paramedics. The division operates two frontline paramedic units, staffed by two paramedic/EMT's at all times, and two frontline units cross staffed with three paramedic/EMT's at all times. All medic units carry specialized equipment such as:
  • Mechanical ventilators
  • IO insertion device (ability to administer medications into bone cavity)
  • Mucosal atomizer device (ability to administer medications via nasal passage)
  • 12 lead Cardiac monitors


The Paramedics of Middletown Fire Department receive monthly training in different aspects of EMS. All Paramedics are trained in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support). Members of the Division of Fire train monthly on different topics of EMS provided by the Middletown Fire Department's Training Bureau.


The Middletown Division of Fire responded to over 9,520 calls for medical assistance in 2018. The EMS environment today is fast paced and demands a high level of skill and commitment from our members. The Middletown Fire Division is constantly re-evaluating our role in EMS and looking toward the future to best serve our citizens.

Ride Time

EMT and Paramedic Students wishing to do ride time, should contact Captain Brian Wright at the number above.


The City of Middletown outsources the billing of ambulance runs to MediCount Management as a cost-savings measure. If you have a question about your ambulance bill please call 888-410-6986 or email at www.medicount.com. Members of the Medicount Management team would be happy to assist you with your question or concern.