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Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Customer Service Rating
    Please check the City Department(s) with which you interacted and rate the customer service level for each:
  2. City Departments
  3. Building Inspection
    1. City Council Office
      1. Community Center
        1. Community Revitalization
          1. City Income Tax
            1. City Manager's Office
              1. Engineering
                1. Environmental Services
                  1. Economic Development
                    1. Fire
                      1. Health
                        1. Municipal Court
                          1. Ohio Small Business Office
                            1. Personnel
                              1. Planning / Community Development
                                1. Police
                                  1. Parks / Street Maintenance
                                    1. Transit (Bus)
                                      1. Water Services (Billing)
                                        1. Water / Sewer Maintenance
                                          1. Water Treatment Plant
                                            1. Waste Water Treatment
                                              1. Weatherwax Golf Course
                                                1. Were you greeted upon arrival?
                                                    1. If your contact was via telephone, were you transferred to another department?
                                                    2. Would you like to be contacted so that you can provide additional feedback?
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