Public Input Survey 3.31.21

March 31st, Public Presentation and Public Survey #2: Closed!

Thank you everyone for your participation! Check out the results here.

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Now take the Public Input Survey!!!  (Closed)

As we progress and near the end of the “Exploration” phase of the Middletown Parks Master Plan process we are reaching out to the community again for your expert opinion. No one knows better than you what you would like to see in your community parks and we want to hear from you! Since the survey from December, we have developed concepts and methods of approach for the Middletown Parks System. Informed from stakeholder input and conclusions from rigorous information gathering and analysis exercises we would like to present our range of ideas for feedback from the community!

From inventory, surveying and analysis, to system connections and community park concepts, watch the presentation to follow the journey and offer your opinion about the concepts our bright future could hold! Check out our presentation here and tell us what you think here!

Thank you everyone for your participation in the survey and we hope you will all invite your family, friends, and network to also give their feedback!

Methods of Distribution

In an effort to reach as many community members as possible our team is working to utilize as many methods as possible to reach everyone! The survey is being hosted online and the following actions are being taken to distribute the survey and in communicating about the process. We encourage everyone to share with their network and if you have any additional ideas for distribution you would like assistance with please feel free to call or email, Alison Manning at 513-425-7944 or

  • Promotional ribbon and survey link on the City’s website homepage, here
  • Presentation and promotion at the March 16, 2021 City Council meeting, watch here
  • Presented, discussed, and promoted during the March 23, 2021 Advisory Group Meetings: Technical and Community
  • Promotion during the Middletown City Manager Updates
  • Daily promotion through email communications to Technical, Community, Focus Advisory Group members 
  • Promoted through local Newspaper articles, to be linked as published
  • Promoted through social media postings prior to and during the survey event (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Promotion through the Middletown City School District via “District News”, here (to be linked as published)
  • Promotion through the Middletown City Economic Development social media network, here (to be linked as published)
  • Promotion on the City-owned digital sign board at State Route 122 and Towne Boulevard
  • 23 Yard signs to be distributed throughout the City promoting the bitly link to the survey. Locations include: 2 signs at Smith Park, Douglass Park one at the splash pad and one at the community center, Lefferson Park, Old South Park, Jacot Park, Sunset Park one at each entrance, Goldman Park, Broad Street Transit Station, Bull’s Run Arboretum, and the Central Ave. University Blvd. downtown gateway signs, Michigan Park, St. Rt. 4 and Carmody Blvd intersection, St. Rt. 122 and Carmody Blvd, Middletown High School, Broad Street and Central Ave intersection, Bicentennial Commons/River Center, Oakland Park, Walmart on Towne Blvd, Damon Park, Dixie Heights
  • 7 Posters on display promoting the bitly link to the survey: Midpointe Library, Middletown City Building, Kroger Towne Blvd, Downtown, Needler’s Fresh Market, Atrium Hospital, Kettering Hospital.