Housing Code Enforcement

The department enforces the newly adopted International Property Maintenance Code. It is in everyone's interest that the properties in our city be maintained in accordance with the City's codes, and other ordinances that contribute to the safety and general well being of the residents and the maintenance of the property value.

Property Owner

As a property owner, you have certain responsibilities to meet. Protect your investment and the health of the occupants by maintaining your property in good repair.
  1. Maintain exterior structure free of broken glass, loose shingles, peeling paint and crumbling stone or brick.
  2. Maintain doors and windows, including storm doors and screen.
House Under Maintenance


As a tenant, you also have responsibility. Maintain your dwelling in a neat and sanitary manner and contact the owner when repairs are needed
  1. Properly dispose of garbage and rubbish in containers with lids.
  2. Maintain yard in a neat and sanitary manner, free of litter, junk cars, and animal wastes.
  3. Notify owner when repairs are needed and allow reasonable time to complete repairs before contacting officials.
If you wish to file a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement office at 513-425-7938.

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